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EnergiVault Thermal Battery
At last.. affordable Thermal Energy Storage

Discover EnergiVault: a game-changer in thermal energy storage.

Boasting unmatched capacity and discharge rates, it effortlessly manages cooling peaks of up to 500kW.

Tailored for any requirement, it promises dynamic performance, leading the charge in energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives.


Pioneers in cold thermal energy storage systems (CTES)

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Introducing EnergiVault
Thermal Energy Storage

At O-Hx, we’re revolutionising industrial and commercial cooling with our flagship product, EnergiVault. A Cold Thermal Energy Storage Battery developed in the UK, this innovative thermal battery dramatically enhances efficiency and sustainability in cooling systems. By integrating cutting-edge binary ice technology, EnergiVault enables rapid charge and discharge cycles with minimal energy loss. Consequently, it significantly reduces costs and carbon emissions. Its modular design adapts easily, supporting diverse industries from food processing to data centres in achieving their sustainability targets and enhancing operational efficiency. EnergiVault is more than just a product—it’s a comprehensive energy management system. It shifts energy usage to off-peak hours and complements on-site renewable energy sources. This alignment with renewable generation underscores our commitment to reducing global cooling-related carbon emissions. To discover how EnergiVault can transform your cooling systems and contribute to a more sustainable future, please contact our team. Together, let’s strive for more efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions.

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Join Us in Our Journey
Towards Sustainable Cooling

Take Control of your ENERGY Costs
with Thermal Energy Storage

Financial Payback

Financial - Thermal Energy

EnergiVault delivers a market-leading Return on Investment by integrating system efficiency, load-shifting, and the use of on-site renewables. Payback periods of less than five years are easily achievable.

Load Shifting

Thermal Energy Storage

EnergiVault is unique as it operates as a slow-charge, rapid-discharge system. This allows it to utilise inexpensive overnight electricity to displace costly peak electricity, or even electricity generated on-site.

Operational Resilience


EnergiVault enhances operational resilience by providing uninterrupted cooling supply and peak demand support. This enhances the reliability and efficiency of industrial cooling systems and prevents costly operational shutdowns..

Effective communication, seamless integration

“The EnergiVault is actually useful in so many different ways.”

Stuart Monroe
Quotient Sciences

“The communication has been great, there has been zero impact on the company and it’s been a really good fun journey.”

Stuart Monroe
Quotient Sciences